jewelry care


Making it last... beautifully.


Put jewelry on after applying makeup, perfume and hairspray. Remove your jewelry if you’re going to do any manual labor, housework, or play sports. Rings can significantly scratch and slowly lose their shape if knocked around too much. Many of our wide rings, including the cigar bands and other statement pieces, will scratch up over time with wear. The gentler you are with yourself and your jewelry, the better for us all! <3 If you have a local jeweler you like they should be happy to polish it for you every now and then. 

Gold won't tarnish, but it can be dulled and dirtied by body lotion, makeup and even the oils in your skin. Mild dish soap and water can be used to clean your jewelry if needed. Try to keep your pieces in their bags and give them a nice rub with a polishing cloth as needed. 

It's a good idea to remove your jewelry before entering a pool or spa as chlorine can be harmful to the gold alloys and potentially cause color changes or dying of the fingers. 

Most importantly, enjoy your jewelry and wear it!! xoxo